Our prices - Boilie fishing

From 1st January 2018, the Hungarian State Angling Ticket is mandatory. You can get it at the lake on your arrival. It must be returned to the lake until the end of the year, otherwise there will be a penalty when you would like to get it next time. Price 8 € / 2 rods

Fishing for 4 nights/chalet €300 / 6 rods
Each extra night €75 / 6 rods

The minimum of the night's what can be booked are four or more.

Please pay attention when choosing date, because the sessions have to be after each other and days cannot be left out between two sessions. However, if there would be empty days, it must be minimum 4 nights or multiples of it.

Just pre-announced people can stay in the chalets (maximum 4 people).

Arrival on the first day between 12-1pm, departure in the morning after the last night till 10.00am.

Receiving visitors during the day:

Adult: 500 Ft
Child 300 Ft

You can spend the whole amount in the cafeteria, except on tobacco.

For pre-announced visitors who are staying overnight 3000 Ft/night/person

This amount cannot be spent in the cafeteria.

Heating and air conditional is available in the chalets for extra charge.

Price: €7/day

Just our equipment can be used in the chalets:

- accommodation in chalets next to the lake
- 12 m2 roomwith two bunk beds (you must use your own sleeping bag)
- 11 m2 covered terrace with wooden table and wooden benches
- Fridge
- Microwave
- Battery charge
- Boat
- Unhooking mat
- Playground
- Separated shower block for men and women
- Cafeteria