The policy of boilie fishing

The Boilie Lake of Nagykálló The Boilie Lake (bird’s eye view)
  • The boilie angler is following the principles of "catch and release", and has to put back all the fish to the lake.
  • Transport: You can go to the swim by car, but after that you can just walk around the lake. If you have to leave the swim for any reason by car, please park your car in the parking lot. When you have finished fishing you can go by your car to the swim again to pack up.
  • You can fish with 6 rods per swim, and with one hook on each.
  • Hook: Please use smaller hooks than size 2, and you MUST NOT use hooks, which can cause big wounds. Please disinfect the wound caused by hook.
  • You can use just mono for main line and for casting leader. To use braided mainline and braided casting leader is forbidden.
  • You must use safety clip. Any kind of safety clip can be used.
  • Use of boat is allowed. We provide BIG245 type of boat (French).
  • Useofelectric trolling motor is allowed.
  • Use of feeding boat is allowed.
  • To feed from boat, to take the tackle in by boat and to play the fish from boat is allowed.
  • Use bite alarm is mandatory
  • You can use just buoyant marker, which you have to collect at the end of your fishing
  • To use unhooking mat, large landing net and carp care is mandatory!
  • To store fish (even for a short time) is forbidden! After the catch and the photography the fish must be put back to the lake immediately.
  • To leave the roads unattended (shower, toilet) is forbidden! One angler has to stay with the rods all the time, or they have to be taken out.
  • To swim in the lake is forbidden!
  • To bring pets is forbidden!
  • To smoke in the chalets is dangerous and it is forbidden!
  • To use sleeping bag is mandatory! (If the sleeping bag is too warm, you have to use sheets or bedspread.)
  • There is a security guard at night. However, the lake is closed between 9pm-5am.
  • The guests are responsible for the cleanliness of the chalet and for the accessories (fridge, microwave, beds, boat etc.) If they cause any damage they have to pay it.
  • Every angler can use the boats at their own risk. We do not take the responsibility for any possible accidents.
  • Please leave the house and the boat in clean conditions after use.
  • Start of fishing: on the first day between noon-1pm. You have to leave the house till 10 am after the last night.
  • The fishing guard’s instructions must be implemented.
  • You have to give a notice in advance if you would like to welcome visitors. There is an extra charge for visitors who arrive during the night.

We wish you tight lines and a pleasant holiday!

Nagykállói Horgásztanya Ltd.