The rules of day ticket fishing

Napijegyes tó
Day ticket lake
(bird’s eye view)
  • Those who are fishing on the Day ticket lake, have to follow "catch and release", and must put back all the fish into the lake.
  • Daytime fishing goes from 7am to 7pm
  • Night fishing goes from 7pm to 7am.
  • If you stay longer than one day you can set up your tent
  • Fishing is only possible on the pre-selected places, or on certain places after on-site consultation
  • If you stay longer than a day, you can drive to your swim by car, but after packing you have to put the car in the parking lot
  • If you fishing just for one day, to drive to the lake is forbidden! We provide you a small cart to take your tackle to your swim.
  • You can fish with just one hook per rod.
  • To use unhooking mat, large landing net and carp care is mandatory!
  • To store fish (even for a short time) is forbidden! After the catch and the photography the fish must be put back to the lake immediately.
  • To leave the roads unattended (shower, toilet) is forbidden! One angler has to stay with the rods all the time, or they have to be taken out.
  • The use of feeding boat is allowed.
  • Children can fish only with adult supervision. Because of the depth of the lake the adult supervisor is responsible for the children.
  • To swim in the lake is forbidden!
  • To bring pets is forbidden!
  • To set fire is only permitted in designated areas.
  • There is a security guard at night. However, the lake is closed between 9pm-5am.
  • The fishing guard’s instructions must be implemented.
  • You have to give a notice in advance if you would like to welcome visitors at daytime or at night.
  • There is an extra charge for visitors.
  • If you stay for more days we provide you showering opportunity, the key is in the fishing guard’s house.
  • After fishing please collect the rubbish and leave the swim in clean conditions.
  • At the end of your fishing, the angler (and accompanist) have to show their bags and luggage without notice.
  • To keep the policy is mandatory for all the visitors. If you do not read the policy it does not acquit you of the rules.
  • If you need any help please contact the fishing guard or your contact.

We wish you tight lines and a pleasant holiday!

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