North-east Hungary's
carp fishing lake

Welcome to the homepage of Nagykállói Horgásztanya Ltd!

Pámer László, a Nagykállói Bojlis horgásztó tulajdonosa

Nagykálló is situated in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county 14 kilometres from Nyíregyháza direction southeast, along the M3 motorway.

The area, which is operated by the Ltd, is 32 hectare and there are two lakes. To take away or to buy fish is not possible.

On both lakes is just Catch & Release.

The day ticket lake is 3 hectare and it is mainly "carp" water, but there are other fish as well.

At this lake you can fish day and night, there is a shower opportunity and you can stay in your own tent.

Most of the carps are between 5-12 kg, but there are bigger ones as well.

The 18 hectareBoilie Lakeis dotted with 7 islands and snags. To avoid crowd only 15 angler swims were formed with pier, boat and chalet. The piers are five meters away from the front of the chalets' terrace. The chalets areequipped with two bunk beds, a fridge and a microwave. In cold weather, we can provide heating. The regularly cut grass, the leafy trees, the cauldron places at every swim provide for four people undisturbed relaxation and fun.

Most of our fish population is carp, but there are grass carp, walleye, pike and tench in a big amount too. Many big carps are waiting for our guests. Because of our hard work most of our fish is between 5-15kg and there are more than hundred carps in the lake above eighteen kilo. Because of the continuous stocking the amount of big carps are increasing and with this we would like to deserve our guest’s recognition.

We hope our website will arouse your interest and you would like to visit us.

Your sincerely LászlóPálmer

Extracts of the rules

Transport: you can get to the swims by car, but after that, you can just walk around the lake. If you leave the area for any reason by car, you have to park the car in the parking lot and you can take it to your swim just at the end of your fishing.

How to treat the fish:

Feeding: Please do not overfeed the fish and do not use groundbait, which would damage the environment and the health of the fish. If you use particles, please just use cooked ones.

Hook: Please use smaller hooks than size 2, and you must not use hooks, which can cause big wounds. Please disinfect the wound, caused by hook.

Landing net: Just dense netin large size is allowed.

Fish treatment: To protect the mucus, which covers the fish, you must wet the weight sling and the unhooking mat before use. It could be useful to cover the fish eye with a wet towel. When you put the fish back, do not throw it, use the unhooking mat to do it smoothly. Do not let the fish go till it is swimming away on its own.

Tackles which help in fishing: You must use bite alarm to protect fish. To marka spot you can use just buoyant marker pole, and you must us safety lead clip as well. Any kind of safety lead clip can be used.

You can use just mono for main line and the casting leader. To use braided mainline and braided casting leader is forbidden.

"Buoyant marker pole"

Safety lead clip

To store fish is FORBIDDEN!!!



Dear Guests!

From 1st January 2018, the Hungarian State Angling Ticket is mandatory. You can get it at the lake on your arrival. It must be returned to the lake until the end of the year, otherwise there will be a penalty when you would like to get it next time. Price 8 € / 2 rods

2018-03-04 21:41:52

Dear Guests!

Reservation for 2018 on September 2, 2017 We will be welcoming from 07:00 o'clock in the morning. First of all, the people who appear at the lake are personally posted. After this, we can expect to receive a phone call from 9 am. We can make reservations by e-mail tonight.
More information about the pond:
Imre Huncsik: +36209611902
László Pámer: +36209216893

2017-08-17 08:26:52

New carps and grass carps

In 2014 Autumn - carps and grass carps arrive to the lake of Nagykallo. Pictures here

Video about the lake